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The Med Connect Difference

Of course we have the vehicles and equipment to accommodate the special needs of our clientele.

Of course our drivers and employees are Basic First Aid, AED/CPR certified.

But Med Connect is much more than a transportation company.

We appreciate how important safe, reliable transportation is to those who cannot drive or are less than fully mobile.

We understand and appreciate the "circle of care" needed to get you from your home, into and out of our vehicle, to your destination and back again.

The Med Connect difference caring tranportation for seniors and mobility challenged.

We realize how essential our services can be for those who are struggling to maintain an independent lifestyle. We appreciate how one's sense of dignity and self-worth are tied to being able to accomplish even simple tasks and small errands.

Med Connect will get you there. Not just safely and securely, but with respect for you and the Golden Rule: Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated Yourself.

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