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Our Services

Med Connect offers specialized vehicles, equipment and trained personnel for transportation of:

- Senior Citizens 

- The mentally or physically challenged 

- Anyone who is less than fully mobile or has strength, balance or stability issues

- Those using a cane or walker or needing stretcher or wheelchair transportation


We provide a much higher level of service and support than a taxi, limousine or livery service can or will provide - a "circle of care" from your home, into and out of the vehicle,

to your destination and back again.

Depending on what you require, count on Med Connect to:

- Arrive at your home on time.

- Come to your door and, if needed, into your home to help you get ready for your trip. 

- Help with clothing and accessories (coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc.)

- Make sure you have your keys, wallet, purse, medical records, and important papers

like bank statements, prescriptions, etc.)

- Double check that your home is locked, lights are left on or off as needed and your alarm system is activated.

- Hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm help getting down stairs, across uneven or

icy pavement and long walkways and to the vehicle.

- Help entering the vehicle.

- Sensitivity in accommodating rest room stops and your driving preferences.

- Help exiting the vehicle and getting into your destination.

- Med Connect waits for you so there is no delay in returning you home. You receive the same care and attention on the return trip.

- Once you are back home we make sure you are settled and your home is locked and secure before we leave.

- We can communicate with your caregiver before, during and after your trip to ensure they are fully aware of your status and safe return.


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