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For Caregivers

You may live just minutes across town.... or on the other side of the country.

Regardless of the distance, the worries are the same:

How to manage the care, safety and

well-being of your parent or special needs relative or loved one while you balance the demands of your career, family and life.

Med Connect will eliminate one of the most stressful tasks associated with  supervising the care of a loved-one living on their own:  safe, reliable, dependable transportation to and from doctor's appointments, same-day-care facilities  

Med Connect transportation advantages for caregivers.

and other necessary appointments - even personal or social engagements - when you are either too busy or live too far away. 

We understand that communication is the essential key and will keep in contact with you as often as you want - before, during and after transport. We can also coordinate with you a checklist of requirements.


We can even update you on pending medical appointments and what future transportation requirements resulted from the current trip. 

Rely on Med Connect for more than safe, secure transportation.


Rely on us for peace of mind.

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