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  • What Is Med Connect?
    Med Connect is a non-ambulatory transportation company. We provide a much higher level of specialized equipment and vehicles, services and personalized care and attention above and beyond what traditional taxi, limousine or livery services (and now services like Uber and Lyft) are able to provide. We can safely and comfortably transport individuals by stretcher, wheelchair, those who require a walker or cane or those who are mobility-limited in some way. We are especially focused on the physically and mentally challenged - anyone who finds getting "from here to there" difficult and in need of an extra set of caring hands. We are not a "curb-to-curb" but a "door-to-door, arm-in-arm" service, making sure you arrive safely and comfortably. Please see "The Med Connect Difference" for more information and details.
  • What Kind Of Person Uses Med Connect?
    Med Connect is perfect for: Senior Citizens who either cannot or have chosen not to drive. Those who cannot or choose not to drive at night. Anyone who has stability, strength, mobility or balance issues. Anyone who needs assistance exiting or entering their homes. Anyone who needs assistance exiting or entering the vehicles. Anyone who needs help organizing and keeping track of what they need for their trip (keys, wallet, purse, clothing, medical records or important documents, personal items, etc.) Anyone who needs to be sure their home is secure before they leave and after they return (locked, alarm activated, etc.) People in wheelchairs, using canes or walkers or needing stretcher transportation. Anyone unable to freely navigate because of stairs or steep inclines. Anyone who requires their caregiver to be informed of their whereabouts. Anyone who is trying to maintain an active, independent lifestyle. Please see "Maintaining Your Independence" for more details.
  • Where Is Med Connect Located?
    Med Connect is located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and services a wide area of Central Pennsylvania. Please see "Our Services" for more details.
  • What Type Of Trips Can I Book With Med Connect?
    Anywhere you need to go and anything you need to do we can accommodate: Doctor or dental appointments, hospital visits, outpatient procedures for things like cat scans, MRI's, X-rays, chemotherapy, dialysis or radiation, etc. Personal errands to the bank, post office, library, hair salon, supermarket, mall, etc. Family functions like reunions, dinners, picnics, anniversaries, etc. Social events with friends and neighbors: plays, movies, museums, restaurants, etc. Religious: services, weddings, funerals, baptisms, communions, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc. Long trips for either one way or both ways for medical or personal reasons. And whatever else you need to do to maintain an active, healthy and meaningful independent lifestyle!
  • What Does Non-Ambulatory Mean?
    Although all Med Connect drivers are Basic First Aid, AED/CPR certified, Med Connect is not an ambulance service and is not equipped to provide oxygen, medication or any other specialized medical support or intervention during transportation. Individuals who require medical monitoring, specialized medical attention or possibly medical intervention during transport should seek the services of a qualified ambulance / EMT service.
  • Who Does Med Connect Work With?
    Anyone of any age who finds, for any reason, traditional transportation options inadequate or an obstacle to maintaining a healthy, meaningful, independent lifestyle. Caregivers. Medical professionals and staff who arrange for transportation to and from nursing homes, doctor offices, outpatient clinics, hospitals, dental offices, etc.
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